Garden Handmade Mala
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Garden Handmade Mala

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108 8mm Bloodstone, Tourmaline, & Faceted Garnet beads hand knotted with love on a doubled pink silk thread with an Ocean Jasper guru bead and a handmade pink silk tassel.

The gorgeous Garden Mala is perfect for those who wish to ground themselves while also maintaining enough endurance to make it through draining activities. Meditating with these beautiful beads will be as soothing as a day spent out in the garden.

Chakras: Root (1st), Solar Plexus (3rd),  Heart (4th), Throat (5th)

Elements: Earth, Water

Astrological Signs: Libra, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, Aries

Bloodstone heightens intuition and enhances creativity. This is an ideal stone for reducing aggression and irritability because it is so soothing and grounding. It is protective against negative energy and burnout and will enable you to feel revitalised and courageous. It helps one grow accustomed to new circumstances and helps with decision making. This stone helps you to feel organized by lessening confusion and stress. This stone brings abundance and prosperity to those who wear it.

Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors and as such, each color has a different use and aids a different chakra. When there are many shades together the crystal emanates energies from each color. The loving and healing energy of pink tourmaline, the powerful healing promoting physical vitality of green tourmaline, and the psychic and communication gifts of blue tourmaline combine to make a powerful ally.

Garnet enhances endurance and therefore is good for anyone who does hard physical labor. Garnet provides a calming and grounding influence and reduces panic and anxiety. It helps one connect with the physical world and physical body, as well as enhancing loving relationships. It helps relieve panic, worry, and anxiety, especially around financial matters.

Ocean Jasper is a unique and beautiful jasper, found only in Madagascar. The colors and patterns vary wildly and it’s unlikely two pieces of ocean jasper will ever look the same. Cavities in ocean jasper are often filled with druzy quartz. Ocean jasper is an extremely calming and soothing stone. It can help you remain centered and prevent overreactions. It helps gradually release pent up emotions such as anger.

Please note, due to the handmade nature of this Mala, some slight imperfections such as imperfect beads or spots of glue  are unlikely, but may occur.


This piece has been glued for durability, but please be gentle with your Mala! Tassels can be wet and then gently finger combed to straighten. Please keep your beads protected from extended periods in the hot sun and refrain submerging in water.

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