Electroformed Herkimer Diamond & Copper Pendant
Wandering Crystals

Electroformed Herkimer Diamond & Copper Pendant

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Gorgeous Herkimer Diamond Encased in Antiquated Copper hanging on an aged Brass chain. Pendant is handmade in South Africa using the electroforming process. Ships from Massachusetts.

Please Note: due to the handmade nature of this piece, some slight imperfections may occur. It is our belief that these are not flaws, but rather, interesting details that make each piece unique and special. Although each piece is strength tested for durability, crystals are notoriously delicate and therefore we ask that you please treat your jewellery delicately and refrain from extended wear in water or direct sunlight (i.e., don't hang it outside).

We seal all of our copper jewelry with a protective coating (Protecta Clear) which may eventually wear off over a period of time depending on the unique chemistry of each individual’s skin. The copper may then darken due to the natural oils produced by the skin. If you desire, the piece can be repolished and an additional layer of clear coating can be applied, just contact the shop and we will assist you.

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