Hi, my name is Chloe and I am the owner/operator of Wandering Crystals.

I’ve been riding horses, climbing mountains, swimming in puddles, and filling my pockets with rocks for as long as I can remember. Back in 2014 I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and started collecting crystals (and my husband) sometime around then. Through this experience I gained the invaluable ability to explore emotion and conscious.

Growing up, I was always sensitive to the energies that surrounded me and the undercurrents that dictated my everyday experience. I decided to learn to read tarot to delve deeper into my emotions with the ultimate goal of tapping into my intuition and the power that resides there. I made some major changes in my life including journaling, mindful eating, practicing yoga and continuously reevaluating my ego. I discovered crystals can deepen the meditation experience and offer a certain level of energetic protection. This discourse has altered the course of my life in monumental ways - I’ve gathered tools and manifested some powerful change along my journey.

Wandering Crystals was born from the desire to share the natural beauty of crystals I had collected and encountered, as well as the healing energies they possess. We officially opened shop in August of 2015 and our collection has expanded to include hand-knotted crystal malas and handmade unique copper jewelry. Check out our page for some seriously magical crystal content!