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  • Weight: 84 grams
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This listing is for the exact kambaba jasper palm stone pictured. 

If you are drawn to kambaba jasper….you may need to ask if the changes being planned are necessary to bring improvements or are just for their own sake. 

Chakra: Root (1st), Heart (4th)

Element: Earth

Physical Benefits: boosts immune system, aids in cellular growth, and helps one cope with hereditary conditions 

Emotional Benefits: brings peace and tranquility to troubled minds. 

Astrological Sign: Cancer, Capricorn

Kambaba Jasper, or stromatolite, is a silicate microcrystalline quartz that often has organic matter or other minerals included. It is a sedimentary stone that contains Earth’s oldest records of life, fossilized algae, and other primeval microorganisms. Kambaba jasper is a very grounding stone, especially in ancient places and can connect one to the life forces that used to dwell there. It helps one “go back to basics” in any area of life and helps with concentration. It is protective to those who are in the wrong place or who are prone to psychic danger. It is supportive to established careers or businesses and helps maintain stability at work. Keeping kambaba jasper in one’s bedroom helps bring peaceful sleep. It also makes a perfect worry stone to rub during the day when one is stressed. Kambaba jasper is a good stone to keep near tropical fish, exotic pets, or reptiles who need a lot of heat. 

Please Note: This is information comes from “The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach” by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian and Cassandra Eason’s “The Complete Crystal Bible” and is not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional or healer.

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