Every month I want to share with you something I'm learning about with the hope that we'll offer each other advice and help build a community that shares knowledge and inspiration.

When you work for yourself, you gain a lot of freedom but you also become the project manager, accountant, boss, customer service representative, social media coordinator and in my case, artist, jewelry designer/creator, crystal curator, and not to mention the sole individual in charge of packaging and shipping orders.

   How do I stay on top of all of my responsibilities? I use the area of the Law of Attraction called Segment Intending. Without going into too much detail, the idea is that if you divide your day into segments in which you identify clearly what you plan to do, what you wish to accomplish, and how you want to feel you will maximize your productivity and accomplish much more in much less time. I have been putting these practices to the test in my own life the past several weeks and have noticed a few things I thought might be helpful to others who are looking for more structure in their daily routine.

The first step to Segment Intending is to pay attention to your energy. You want to treat your energy and motivation like a precious resource that you don't want to waste. When are you naturally energetic? When are you tired? I've noticed that I am most productive during the morning, so I plan to do my most draining tasks during that time, while I have the most energy and motivation.

   Follow your own intentions - set boundaries with yourself and don't let one segment blend into another so that you don't waste all your energy resources on one task.

Be realistic when planning your Segments so that you can create a routine that is sustainable and enjoyable. When I design the segments of my day, I try to only plan for myself a number of tasks that is manageable to accomplish, and plan for some wiggle room so I can rearrange my day if something comes up that needs my attention.

   I definitely had to play around with my schedule a lot in the beginning but now that I've gotten the hang of it, I find that my I am feeling more productive and positive about my work, rest is much more relaxing, and I am unlocking more creative potential within myself because when I'm in a creative segment my mind is not occupied by anything but what is in front of me.

   If you're interested in organizing your routine, check out Segment Intending and the Law of Attraction and if you try it out, let me know what you think!

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