If you've ever wondered how to decide which stone would be the best choice for you or a loved one.

In my experience choosing a stone is an intuitive process. Generally speaking, the stone you are most attracted to is probably one with properties that could benefit you the most! If you would rather choose a stone based on its properties, I include a description on each stone’s page with details. Here I have listed some information about the different shapes and styles of stone and their individual benefits.

Palm stones are polished by hand individually and are incredibly beautiful. They make wonderful pocket, purse, or backpack stones and are wonderfully calming and grounding to hold when meditating, studying, watching tv, reading, or during whatever activity you desire. They tend to be more costly than a tumbled stone because they take many more hours of hard labor.

Polished crystals are stones found naturally in a crystal shape that have been polished to enhance the shine and luster. They are often known as crystal towers, especially larger specimens. Crystal towers make great display pieces and are visually appealing. They are wonderful for decorating one’s home, altar, and are great for making grids.  

Natural crystals are stones found naturally in a crystal shape with imperfections left alone. The natural beauty of these stones appeals to many people, myself included! Natural crystals are appreciated display pieces, gorgeous in crystal grids, are wonderful for crystal healing and meditating, and if they are small enough, make great pocket stones.

Both natural and polished crystals can be double terminated, which means that both ends of the crystal ends in a point. Double terminated crystals are highly sought after healing tools and look beautiful in grids, on altars, and are wonderful amplifiers of energy.

Natural or rough specimens are stones that are left completely as they are found in nature. Many rock collectors prefer stones that have not been altered, as one can fully appreciate the work of mother nature. Natural specimens look great as cabinet display pieces, desk decorations, and are also great to carry in a pocket or purse.

Polished freeform or polished display pieces are stones that have been polished to smooth out rough edges and imperfections. They are often polished to stand up as a display piece. I love display stones! They make great gifts and look wonderful on bookshelves and on desks, and can also be used to decorate altars or sacred spaces.

Polished hearts are stones that have been polished into the shape of a heart. Many people love heart shaped stones, and as such, they are a great gift to give someone you love. The heart shape is very popular and wonderful to look at as well as soothing to hold.

Polished spheres are another popular shape for stones to be made into. I personally have a large collection of polished spheres and I love to hold them while I meditate, as well as use them to decorate my home.

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